•How can I order?
You can buy our products online at www.qollanchi.com.

•How many days will I receive my order?
After completing the payment, the products are immediately shipped. Your cargo will be delivered to you within 1-3 days. In case of an opposite intensity, we notify you via e-mail and message.

•How can I exchange or return?
You can send the products you bought within 14 days with an unconditional return or exchange request. For detailed information, you can read our return and exchange procedure.

•Can I buy the products from the store?
We do not have a physical store sale, our sales are made online.

•How can I return the product I purchased if it is faulty?
The products you will purchase are sent to you after they are examined in detail by the quality control teams. In case of a possible faulty product, you can return it.

•Why should I become a member? Can I continue shopping without becoming a member?
You can shop from Qollanchi.com with your visitor ID even without being a member. However, we recommend that you create a subscription so that you can track your orders through the system, contact you when necessary, and send you order status updates.